August 2014

Client Success Stories

  It is always such a pleasure to highlight our clients and their success.  This month we have focused in on three successes.  While two have located into locations at Plainsman Plaza on 8th Street East, one has relocated to…

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A Friendly Reminder

  We’re loving those recipes coming in… the competition is fierce so don’t catch yourself saying, “coulda, shoulda, woulda”, just send in your very best recipes so we can whip up another batch and do another taste test. You have…

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Summer Fun

  You know there’s just nothing better than looking forward to a Canadian Summer.  Terms like “is it hot enough for ya?”, “it’s a dry heat”, and “pass the bug spray”, fill the air.  We, Canadians, are resilient, resourceful, and…

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April Showers Bring May Leases

  We’ve all been busy.  Those signs and posters, those brochures and online listings seem to be doing the trick.  We have a host of leased properties all around the city. We’ve introduced new-comers and thanked long-term tenants.  We’ve had…

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Our First Newsletter

This is a special newsletter.  Some might say it was about 6 months in the making, others say it was only 6 weeks in the making but knowing all the experience that this team has, it’s been more than 50…

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